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Bathla X Sens: Beating e-commerce competition with 3D Visualization

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Here's how we helped Bathla boost their product visibility on ecommerce sites with 3D Visualization

Project Overview



Bathla Aluminium Pvt. Ltd.

Services Provided:

3D Animated Product Videos, 3D Product Still Images

The Challenge


Bathla is a household name when it comes to home utility products like ladders, ironing boards, cloth drying stands, etc.. They are known for their innovations in design and utility.

Recently, the company has been attempting to increase their presence in the online market, in order to raise consumer awareness about their products and home solutions. They are not only revamping and upgrading their visual presence across e-commerce sites, but are also keen to educate their customers about the proper installation and usage benefits of their products.

There were two main challenges here. The first one was visually communicating the key design and utility features of their products in an engaging manner. Given the nature of the online shoppers today, it was crucial to create the maximum impact in minimum time. The second challenge was creating demonstration videos of their product installation / usage, which involved complicated processes, but needed to be shown in a simplified, easy to understand, and interesting way.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Mission Debrief and First Steps

We started out examining their primary products in-depth, and having detailed discussions with their marketing and product design team to understand their marketing objectives for the products, as well as their innovations in user-experience design.

Bathla x Sens Pic.jpg

L-R: Harish Sekhar (COO, Sens Visuals), Sayak Bandhyopadhyay (CCO, Sens Visuals), Dev Bathla (CMO, Bathla Aluminium), J. Harish Girija (Creative Head, Bathla Aluminium)

Bathla’s marketing team wanted us to create 3D Animated Short Videos for all their major products to appeal to an increasing number of online audiences on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as their company e-commerce website. Thus, the need for short, simple, minimalistic videos were identified, which would highlight their product in a way no video camera would be able to, and bring out the best in them.

After a thorough discussion with the marketing team, we picked one product - the Bathla Advance 5-Step Aluminium Ladder, to create the first short product video. The ladder itself is a common utility product. Thus, the attempt here was to showcase it in a clean and minimalist way, whilst also giving it a premium look-and-feel, and also highlighting its key features and benefits in a way that would help online shoppers relate to the product. Another major goal was to establish the creative style for the videos, setting a coherent palette for the future videos to come.

How was 3D Visualization used?

1 Brainstorming

As every creative process goes, brainstorming was the first essential part of the concept stage. The main idea was to demonstrate the utility of the product while adding a premium look-and-feel to make it stand out online.

The 3D CAD files for the products, and the actual physical samples were provided by the client. They also shared a storyboard with their ideas to showcase the key features of the products. Our creative team worked further on the storyboard narrative and shot division, and designed the shots and camera movements in a dynamic way, so that the product video could grab as well as retain the audience’s attention.

2 The Creative Pipeline and Execution

We established the creative pipeline so that we could quickly and effectively produce 3D Animated Product Videos and stills for Bathla Aluminium whenever required.

Multi-utility tray screenshot.png

Glimpse of our creative process, from a Storyboard Panel to the final 3D Animated output.

3D Modelling

Our 3D Modelling team would take the 3D CAD files provided by Bathla and make certain creative enhancements so that they can be used for animation and rendering.


The product would then be animated as per the storyboard and the shot divisions, with little improvised tweaks as needed to enhance the look and feel even more. Certain integral parts of the product were specifically highlighted according to the product’s functionality and the marketing purpose of the video (i.e., showcasing features and product design, or creating animated instructions for installation or product usage).

Our team would then create preview outputs of the animation which would be shared with the client for feedback.


The modified and ready product models were then provided to our 3D Lookdev team for creation of textures and implementation of Bathla’s brand elements and logo on the product as required. We took references from the physical product sample which helped us replicate the materials and colours with great precision.


The animation team would then rig the textured model and assign virtual controllers in a way that the product can be properly and effectively animated. 


After modelling, texturing and approval of the animation, our Lookdev team would plan the lighting setup for the scenes and shots, keeping in mind the purpose of the video, and the features to be highlighted.

The lookdev was customised to associate a feeling of premiumness with the product’s look-and-feel, enabling it to stand out and easily grab the viewers’ attention.



The renders (both stills and animation) were finally composited with additional render passes and sometimes 2D graphic elements to highlight certain product features.


The colours were tweaked to match the company’s brand theme, and music was added to make the experience more immersive. The final output was now achieved.

Delivery of Creatives

The preview animation would first be shared with the client. After finalizing the animation, the preview stills from the animation would be sent to the client for approval via email.

Once everything was approved and the client was fully satisfied, the final creatives (images or video files) were delivered.

Collaboration with the Client

Bathla’s marketing team was very co-operative and had allowed us a great amount of creative freedom. But we had to ensure that the delivery was as effective and timely. To make best use of our time, we would cycle through quick feedback loops with the marketing team. This was the key to ensuring faster deliveries without discrepancies.

We would work closely with Bathla’s product design team to understand the technical aspects of the products, especially when it came to creating product installation videos.

Creatives Delivered

3D Product Showcase Animation Videos

The 3D Product Showcase Animation provides a brief overview of the product and highlights key features.​

These are around 30 to 60s short animation videos used on their own website and other e-commerce sites to digitally introduce the product and flaunt its features. They help in quickly and effectively showcasing the product, highlighting its key design and utility features especially to the new generation of online shoppers.

Application of 3D Product Showcase Animation

Client Application of 3D Product Showcase Animation Videos in Amazon product page.

The dynamic nature of the animation and graphics helps capture consumer interest quickly and communicates the quality and durability of the product.

Watch the 3D Product Showcase Animation Video for Bathla Advanced Series 5 Step Ladder below:

3D Product Installation Animations

The 3D Product Installation Animation demonstrates the installation process and the usage of products in an easy-to-understand, step by step manner.​

These videos are used on e-commerce platforms and Bathla’s own product pages on their website. They offer a step-by-step demonstration to install and use the products, like ceiling-based cloth hangers.

Installation video on amazon.jpg

Client Application of 3D Product Installation Animation Videos in Amazon product page.

3D Product Installation videos leverage the flexibility of the 3D workspace to exclude all unnecessary background elements to help customers focus only on what is important and relevant for the installation. This greatly simplifies the seemingly complex installation processes of certain products and helps reassure the customer of the product’s core utility, making a strong case for the product over other online competitors.

Watch the 3D Product Installation Animation Video for Bathla Mobidry Exa Stainless Steel Ceiling Dryer below:

3D Still Renders

​The 3D still renders are single rendered images of the product.

These images are used on Bathla’s website and other e-commerce sites as thumbnails, banners, or as a part of the carousel in the product pages.

Take a look at the following examples below.

Bathla website render.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-16 191652.jpg

Client Applications of 3D Product Still Renders in Amazon product pages and company e-commerce pages.

3D Still Renders show the products in a clean, minimalist and visually appealing manner to build brand awareness online. The more visually appealing the product images are, the easier it is to create brand differentiation.


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