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Ginesys X Sens: A story of numbers and shapes

Here's how we helped Ginesys, a retail software company, re-tell their story with 3D Visualization

Project Overview



Ginni Systems Private Limited

Services Provided:

Logo Redesign, 3D Illustrations, 3D Banners, 3D Icons and 3D Animated Videos.

The Challenge

Being a reliable name in retail technology, Ginesys offers a wide variety of robust solutions to their clients. The services often range from simple POS solutions to intricate services involving Cloud and AI Solutions.

Ginesys was launching a new platform called GinesysOne, which would combine their individual services under one umbrella, to provide more robust, end-to-end solutions to their clients’ operations.

The major challenge here was to visually communicate the core benefits of their services in a way that would be easily and effectively perceived by their target audience.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Mission Debrief and First Steps

We started with in-depth discussions with the marketing team at Ginesys to understand their renewed brand strategy. It was clear that they wanted to overhaul their brand identity, but not lose relevance altogether. 

Redesigning their logo and revamping their website were their immediate priorities at that time. The new logo design would pave the way for a clear design language, which would ultimately serve as the foundation to create the visual style for all creatives.

Like we had mentioned, Ginesys’ range of services were complex to understand. This visual style would reverse that. 

Creating the Style


Our first task was to re-design Ginesys’ logo. Just adhering to the brand guidelines was not enough. We familiarised ourselves with Ginesys’ story and their core belief systems. In-depth discussions with their marketing team helped us understand the company’s vision for its future - how they were evolving, and what they wanted to evolve into. This knowledge was essential for us to visually re-create their new brand identity.


A logo is small but powerful enough to give shape to a company’s identity. Thus, we had to be meticulous with its design from the very beginning; brainstorming and communicating with the client to ideate a symbol that would communicate the reason for Ginesys’ existence.

  • Initial concepts: The concept was to highlight the infinite possibilities with Ginesys One cloud platform which connects everything together. Ginesys’ new tagline is “Connecting Futures”.

  • Design evolution: The final logo came from various developmental stages. Changes were incorporated from client feedback to reach the final desired output.

Ginesys logo evolution.png

The logo design was complete, but it was just the foundation, based on which Ginesys’ website visuals would be stylized. Now, our approach was to blend functionality with creativity. 

But greater tasks require stronger tools. So, from this point on, we would use 3D Visualization to create visuals that would redefine the digital outlook of Ginesys and help them communicate with their audience better.

How was 3D Visualization used?

1 Brainstorming

As every creative process goes, brainstorming was the first essential part of the concept stage. The main idea was to simplify the complex

Our creative team sketched a few relevant styles, keeping polygonal geometry in mind, to give a fresh look and feel. We decided to keep the polygonal edges rounded to increase visual comfort for the viewers. A universal colour palette, comprising a light and a dark shade of green, was selected for all creatives, in coherence with the design of the logo.

2 Designing With Purpose

While working on the designs, we needed to understand the functional purpose behind each creative before producing them. We were in touch with the client regularly, understanding their requirements and vision, and in turn suggesting them the best-suited creative routes based on our inference.


The company was already an established name in the retail tech space, but now they were launching a new all-in-one cloud platform, designed to be the one-stop solution for any retailer.


We had to keep in mind the audience they were targeting, which was mostly medium-scale retailers to big-scale retail-chains, who would later on view and make sense of the visuals.

3 The Creative Pipeline

Initial Sketches:

The 3D Visuals had to communicate complex ideas while looking simple and pleasing to the eye.

We first created a basic sketch for a 3D Icon that would be a visual metaphor to explain one of their POS solutions “Launch and manage your brick and mortar stores”. This acted as the template for designing the subsequent 3D creatives.

Creating a mockup:

We created a mockup of the concept using existing 3D assets, to quickly bring the concept to life and show it to the client.

Design evolution:

Based on the client’s feedback, we did further tweaks to the design to finally arrive at the visual style we were aiming for. 

4 Execution

We structured the creative pipeline in a way that we could quickly and efficiently produce 3D icons, illustrations and banners from sketches to the final render while also adhering to feedback from the client.


3D Modelling

Our modelling team would take the finalised sketches and start creating the 3D assets to be used in either still compositions, or short banner animations.


We would then take the models and the lookdev artist would create appropriate textures and shaders for the models. The texture would follow a minimalist tone to maintain a level of visual comfort for viewers, while following the universal colour palette adhering to Ginesys’ brand identity to bring more relatibility.


After the modelling, texturing and animation process, the lookdev team would plan the lighting for the scenes to add depth and realism. We planned a modular lighting setup here, which enabled us to quickly incorporate the lighting for multiple creatives.


While most of the creatives were still-rendered, some of the website content required animated outputs for more illustrated depictions of Ginesys’ solutions. 

Animated content was primarily used for a specific webpage which explained Ginesys’ different solutions under one umbrella. Accordingly, the animation team animated the previously created models and previews were shared with the client for feedback.​​


The renders (both stills and animation) were finally composited with additional render passes and sometimes 2D graphic elements. The colours were tweaked to match the universal colour palette. Now, the final output was achieved. 

Delivery of Creatives

The concept sketches and the preview works were communicated using online messaging services to make the process faster. The final creatives were sent via email, after the client was fully satisfied with the output.

Collaboration With Client

The client had limited time for us to create a substantial amount of visual content. To make best use of our time, we would cycle through quick feedback loops with the marketing team of Ginesys. This was essential to ensure faster deliveries without discrepancies. 


We would often work closely with Ginesys’ web-development team to have a better idea about the technical specifications of the creatives like dimensions and framing. 

Creatives Delivered

3D Banners

The 3D banners are used along with the title section of the web pages, along with the title text and description.​

The banners’ complexity lies between that of the icons and the illustrations. In the pages describing Ginesys’ overall solutions, the banners were animated to highlight a whole process in a simplified manner.

The banner helps in communicating the idea of the product or solution that the page talks of. It helps describe a brief overview of the solution or the product, while grabbing the audience’s attention so that they look forward to browsing through the rest of the page.

3D Icons

The 3D Icons are used to exclusively depict each feature of the products or solutions offered by Ginesys. They are typically used in the body section of the webpages and as thumbnails for some tabs.​

The icons are simple, yet creative and visually comforting, comprising minimal assets. They serve as a visual aid to the accompanying text and easily explain a complex feature or benefit in a second.

3D icons are a relatively new thing for Indian websites. They add a whole new dimension to the user experience of Ginesys’ website, helping their audience have a seamless understanding of the content.

Integration with primary ecommerce-min.png
Manufacturing that gives you real WIP-min.png
Digital acceptance without revenue loss-min.png
Item master for FMCG-min.png

3D Illustrations

​3D Illustrations are used to depict clustered solutions and features, like GinesysOne, which encompasses a broad range of solutions under a single platform.

A 3D Illustration unifies and simplifies complex ideas, making them seem less overwhelming to the audience, and easier to perceive.

The 3D illustrations condensed the most intricate concepts of Ginesys into relevant and minimalist visuals, enabling viewers to connect the dots in one go.

3D Explainer Video

​A 3D Animated Explainer video was used as a self-explanatory presentation, which covers GinesysOne at a glance. This is mainly used on Ginesys’ YouTube channel and social media pages.

The main function of this byte-sized 3D Animated video was to give a simple and engaging overview into the features and solutions offered by Ginesys One through a dynamic visual storytelling.

The video enabled the viewers to get an overall clarity about the retail solutions offered by Ginesys One.


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